Did you know that giving is actually an act of worship? When you give from your resources, you are worshiping God for all He has blessed you with. At First Church, we provide several ways for you to give.

Online Giving

Automated Giving
First Church automatic bank draft is a way to give a fixed amount each month for your gift. It is an easy process. Just stop in the church office and leave a voided check and sign an authorization form. Your gift will be taken out of your bank account around the 20th of each month.

Weekend Service Giving
You may give your gift during Sunday worship services when the offering plate is passed. In the pew backs, you’ll find blank envelopes which you can use for your gift (with or without your name). Weekly pre-dated offering envelopes can also be provided for your family upon request from the church office.

Weekday Giving
You may bring your gift into the church office during regular office hours or mail your gift to the church office.

Stock Gifts
Giving appreciated stock instead of cash may be to your advantage from a tax standpoint. Taxpayers who itemize their deductions can take a deduction for the current market value of the stock which is given (as of the date of the gift) and yet not owe any capital gains tax since the gain is realized by the church. The church is exempt from capital gains tax, so this can make a significant difference based on your tax bracket and on the gain in the stock value during the time it was owned by you.

Memorial Fund
Memorials that are given to the church are at the designation of the family. This is often done as an expression of their appreciation to the church for their support and devotion. Generally speaking memorial gifts are given directly to the family and subsequently given to the church. This is the preferable way by most families. Gifts are acknowledged by the family and ultimately given to the church along with the families preferred designations. It is suggested that the memorial contributions be made directly to First Reformed Church by the donor as this allows for a qualified contribution by the donor. The memorial committee then administers and facilitates the use of the gifts per designation.

Contribution Reports
All contributions will receive a contribution report in January which will reflect the prior year’s gifts. This report is also an internal financial control, so we ask you to please check the report for accuracy. Please call the church office if there are any errors. Also, this report must be kept with your tax return documents should you use the church gifts as an itemized tax deduction.